Falling for Comfort: Pancakes

Every winter, pancakes is one main resource that I can always turn to keep me warm and happy. I enjoy getting up early to have a plate of pancakes for breakfast. Whether it is a recipe from a cookbook or an instruction manual on the side of a pancake – mix box, making pancakes will continually supply you with a simple and fun activity on the weekend.

Folks, my weekday breakfast routine suffers constantly due to sad excuse of an alarm clock. Truly, the 5 more minutes of sleep that I recieve, will often knock away any thoughts I had of making pancakes during the week. The weekends are my favorite; I can’t wait to stay indoors and relax on the couch with a marathon of the tv show,  NCIS and my very own batch of fluffly pancakes.

Try out this great pancake recipe from Epicurious, it is bound to be a great day. Picture it: You, warm, maple syrup, a massive pile of pancakes and your favorite TV show marathon! This is one terrific activity you are going to love!




Food Quote of the Week! The Remarkable Julia Childs

Julia Childs is legendary for her passion for food and the full, inspiring life she lived. What I loved about her is that she always expressed her bright spirit, love for cooking, drive to succeed, enthusiasm for conquering baking recipes, willingness to try new things, ambition to teach other aspiring women to cookboldness to say what’s on her mind and confidence to forget about fear and use more of her heart in every adventure she went onThank You Julia! Here are a few of my favorite Julia Child Quotes below:


This week, I present a challenge to myself, to visit a bookstore and discover new French -inspired recipes. Starting with dessert dishes like Chocolate eclairs and truffles.

Fresh Fruit Fixings: Weekday Snacks

Fruit is an essential item that is provided at local green markets and produce section of the supermarket. Often, when were craving salt-based junk foods, it would be a better option to try a great, healthy and tasty fruit-inspired snack.

Finally, here are two excellent snacks perfect for Breakfast or eating in the Mid-afternoon.

1) The Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie  and   2) Sliced Gala Apples with honey, peanut-butter dip.

Fruit can get tired and over-used, but it never hurts to try a new smoothie recipe!



3 Dazzling Dessert Recipes!

Here is a new weekly segment on the blog that will be featured on Wednesdays! Truly, if I had things my way, I would have dessert for dinner everyday of the week. However, I usually stick to the regular late night dinner routine – Left-overs or Progreso Chicken Noodle Soup. I have finally realized that its time to change-up my routine and enjoy a simple, yet filling dessert once or twice every month.

For this reason, I always look for outstanding, fun dessert recipes that would be great to try. During the week, I will be posting three fun, memorable dessert recipes. Luckily, I found these recipes during my daily blogging world visit.

Today, I have one recipe to start off the first of many recipe-inspired posts. Overall, it will be easy to prepare and simple to create at the end of the day. 

1) Fried Peaches with Cinnamon Ice Cream : A unique recipe produced by Chef Nicholas Farina, who quickly added this fried peaches “doughnuts” recipe on the James Beard House menu.


Food Quote of the Week!


Insightful & Inspiring:

“You can have a wonderful, much better quality of life than you think. You really do think you lead a rich life if you do something as simple as making dinner for yourself. You don’t have to be left out of anything. Maybe you can’t stay in the five-star suite, maybe you can just sit in the cocktail lounge and look at the beautiful view, but you can still go there.”
— Rachel Ray ,( 30 Minute Meals)

My Dream Dinner: Pizza and Cookies all the way

Hey everyone, this week were discussing dream dinners. Dream Dinners are designed for those who enjoy eating comfort food and would eat dessert first every night of the week. For Instance, if you were stuck on a deserted island and were experiencing a unique, Twilight Zone moment, my last thought would be – Oh My Goodness, I can’t believe I didn’t have a spectacular, final, dream-worthy meal before I got stuck our here in the middle of nowhere!

So to spark my imagination, I started to consider the primary dinner menu that would feature all of my favorite foods. Without further delay, here is my over the top yet brilliant dream dinner menu for my final meal.

A Girl’s Dream Menu 

Appetizers: Crab cakes followed by a basket of hush-puppies, and a plate of buttermilk biscuits topped with honey butter!!

Beverage: Hot Apple Cider or a cup of Orange Soda! 

Main Dishes: to start, a large, delicious Pepperoni Pizza made with fresh tomato sauce and super sweet dough crust. Next, a slice of Pot Roast and two slices of my Mom’s famous Honey – BBQ Meatloaf with a side of candied red cabbage, sweet peas and sweet potato fries!!

Dessert: A plate of warm, ooey-gooey chocolate chip-pecan cookies. Followed by a bowl of the ultimate salted -caramel brownie sundae topped with hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, vanilla gelato, toasted marshmallows and a cherry on top!!

Silly as it may seem, this menu is the real deal for me folks! It might me too grand for many but it’s the right kind for me. Why go big, crazy, luxurious, and have an extravagant final meal? For one reason only – To indulge and have fun, with no diet rules in sight!

Until Next Time, Think about how you would plan your final menu and decide which of your favorite foods will make the list. In my case, every last one of mine got front -row center placement on my menu. Try it out this week; it’s a ton of fun!



Blissful Foods: Dessert of the Week

Fall is one of my favorite seasons and you can probally guess why – PIE! Yes, it’s a plate of pie that has always made me look forward to this time of year. Especially, Apple Crumb Pie!

Check out a this great recipe here: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/photo/Apple-Crumb-Pie-107111

Until Next time, make sure to give pie recipes a try this week, you won’t regret it! Anytime, a slice of pie can improve your day and make it 10 times better!