Blissful Foods: Dessert of the Week

 It is mid winter season, despite the unusual weather here in NYC, and I have been looking forward to baking a few new recipes. Primarily, in hopes to turn my weekend into a joyful, work free time with my family. It is easy to daydream of a weekend with just the TV, a batch of something fresh, chocolate covered (of course), and delicious. I usually turn to Tollhouse, for their timeless chocolate chip cookies, but not this time. This week, I have been captivated by the smooth, creamy and divine taste of a slice of Tres leches cake.

Cake of all kinds are worthwhile, but with a few bites of a tres leches cake, I know that you will find that time has stopped and all of your daily worries will be melting away. 

Check out a this great recipe here:

Until Next time, make sure to give cake recipes a try this week, you won’t regret it! For a plate of dessert can make a girl’s day shine a whole lot brighter. Honestly, it is my absolute instant cheer-up method, for any day of the week!




2012 Food Trends & Desserts

Every Year, I am beyond excited to hear about what food trends will surface. It’s officially 2012, and I know there is bound to be something fantastic to try, including a few great restaurants to visit. I have been looking forward to trying some of the local shops and food spots in Brooklyn. It’s still early, so I am going to take a tip from the expert, James Oseland, who is the editor-in-chief of Saveur magazine, America’s most critically acclaimed food magazine!

I truly like his insight and understanding of which items to indulge in and which desserts to put at the top of the list. For your enjoyment, here is the video clip of NBC’s feature of the upcoming food trends of 2012.

Until next time, have a wonderful day!



Dessert Quest: Lemon Central

                                        Lemon Bars are one of my favorite treats!  

Many would say that lemon – flavored bars or squares are simple and light desserts. Lately, I have been on the look-out for bakeries with lemon bars featured on the menu. I have not found a bakery that can win first prize for having the best, lemon bar ever, but I will keep trying to find one. Ladies and Gentlemen, lemon bars are magnificent and truly deserves to be treasured!!!

Until then, I have settled in with a few apple desserts that come equipped with taste and flavor. Honestly, when you make anything with apple, butter and brown sugar, it will turn out to be out of this world and jaw-dropping delicious!! Here are three great bakery treats prepared with apples, in NYC!  Enjoy!


Falling for Comfort: Pancakes

Every winter, pancakes is one main resource that I can always turn to keep me warm and happy. I enjoy getting up early to have a plate of pancakes for breakfast. Whether it is a recipe from a cookbook or an instruction manual on the side of a pancake – mix box, making pancakes will continually supply you with a simple and fun activity on the weekend.

Folks, my weekday breakfast routine suffers constantly due to sad excuse of an alarm clock. Truly, the 5 more minutes of sleep that I recieve, will often knock away any thoughts I had of making pancakes during the week. The weekends are my favorite; I can’t wait to stay indoors and relax on the couch with a marathon of the tv show,  NCIS and my very own batch of fluffly pancakes.

Try out this great pancake recipe from Epicurious, it is bound to be a great day. Picture it: You, warm, maple syrup, a massive pile of pancakes and your favorite TV show marathon! This is one terrific activity you are going to love!



Food Quote of the Week! The Remarkable Julia Childs

Julia Childs is legendary for her passion for food and the full, inspiring life she lived. What I loved about her is that she always expressed her bright spirit, love for cooking, drive to succeed, enthusiasm for conquering baking recipes, willingness to try new things, ambition to teach other aspiring women to cookboldness to say what’s on her mind and confidence to forget about fear and use more of her heart in every adventure she went onThank You Julia! Here are a few of my favorite Julia Child Quotes below:


This week, I present a challenge to myself, to visit a bookstore and discover new French -inspired recipes. Starting with dessert dishes like Chocolate eclairs and truffles.

3 Dazzling Dessert Recipes!

Here is a new weekly segment on the blog that will be featured on Wednesdays! Truly, if I had things my way, I would have dessert for dinner everyday of the week. However, I usually stick to the regular late night dinner routine – Left-overs or Progreso Chicken Noodle Soup. I have finally realized that its time to change-up my routine and enjoy a simple, yet filling dessert once or twice every month.

For this reason, I always look for outstanding, fun dessert recipes that would be great to try. During the week, I will be posting three fun, memorable dessert recipes. Luckily, I found these recipes during my daily blogging world visit.

Today, I have one recipe to start off the first of many recipe-inspired posts. Overall, it will be easy to prepare and simple to create at the end of the day. 

1) Fried Peaches with Cinnamon Ice Cream : A unique recipe produced by Chef Nicholas Farina, who quickly added this fried peaches “doughnuts” recipe on the James Beard House menu.