Blissful Foods: Dessert of the Week

 It is mid winter season, despite the unusual weather here in NYC, and I have been looking forward to baking a few new recipes. Primarily, in hopes to turn my weekend into a joyful, work free time with my family. It is easy to daydream of a weekend with just the TV, a batch of something fresh, chocolate covered (of course), and delicious. I usually turn to Tollhouse, for their timeless chocolate chip cookies, but not this time. This week, I have been captivated by the smooth, creamy and divine taste of a slice of Tres leches cake.

Cake of all kinds are worthwhile, but with a few bites of a tres leches cake, I know that you will find that time has stopped and all of your daily worries will be melting away. 

Check out a this great recipe here:

Until Next time, make sure to give cake recipes a try this week, you won’t regret it! For a plate of dessert can make a girl’s day shine a whole lot brighter. Honestly, it is my absolute instant cheer-up method, for any day of the week!




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