Falling for Comfort: Pancakes

Every winter, pancakes is one main resource that I can always turn to keep me warm and happy. I enjoy getting up early to have a plate of pancakes for breakfast. Whether it is a recipe from a cookbook or an instruction manual on the side of a pancake – mix box, making pancakes will continually supply you with a simple and fun activity on the weekend.

Folks, my weekday breakfast routine suffers constantly due to sad excuse of an alarm clock. Truly, the 5 more minutes of sleep that I recieve, will often knock away any thoughts I had of making pancakes during the week. The weekends are my favorite; I can’t wait to stay indoors and relax on the couch with a marathon of the tv show,  NCIS and my very own batch of fluffly pancakes.

Try out this great pancake recipe from Epicurious, it is bound to be a great day. Picture it: You, warm, maple syrup, a massive pile of pancakes and your favorite TV show marathon! This is one terrific activity you are going to love!




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