NYC Cakery Crumbs

It’s not a secret that I love to eat!! Truly, I get so excited like a kid in a candy store whenever I visit a new bakery and walk up to the counter. My favorite part about bakeries is that moment when you pull/push open the door, and step inside. Immediately, you are surrounded by this amazing, worthy smell of dough baking in the oven and fresh baked bread on the table. It always made me smile; it would be incredible if there was a way to bottle up and collect that wonderful bakery smell. It would become the ultimate kitchen air perfume!!!     

When I was younger, I always looked forward to birthdays. Birthdays meant Bakery Time!!! On every visit to the bakery with my mom, I couldn’t wait to skip to the counter, lean on the glass and view all of the fresh muffins, sugar cookies, doughnuts, cakes and a ton of amazing pastries made that day. Today, I’m still overly enthusiastic about sweets and I get extremely excited anytime I get a chance to stop by a bakery.

For this reason, It would be my joy to make a post here on the blog each week that presents the newly opened bakeries in the city. Every month, there are always a handful of new ice-cream and dessert shops that are sprinkled throughout the city. With every grand opening, comes menus and treats to try. New Bakeries are food worthy news that one should gush, and jump for joy over!!      

Here are two new bakeries that recently opened in the city this August.

Jane’s Sweet Buns: East Village welcomes this unique bakery, from classic style cinnamon buns with a modern twist, to a huge collection of sweet and savory buns. The menu is outstanding! This bakery is quickly becoming popular for its method of serving warm treats filled with diverse and delicious flavors. I am excited to go for a visit, and try more than one dessert dish. Check out the Jane’s Sweet Buns bakery preview presented at Time Out NY.

Location: 102 St. Marks Place, NY  /  Info: (212-777-6707),

Dolce Vizio: West Village welcomes this Italian dessert shop; I can’t wait to visit this new bakery shop. I heart Italian desserts; I will have to make several stops here to try some of their desserts. Especially their classic tiramisu, and the create your own tiramisu, this bakery can dish up any tiramisu you like, you get a chance to pick 2 from over 9 sweet toppings! Tiramisu always has a place in my heart, its addictive and so much fun to eat!

Location: 131 Christopher St at Hudson St  /  Info: (347-556-9999),

Have a great week and remember to take some time to indulge in some sweets!!  




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